Medical Missionary Introductory Training Course


Basic Nutrition
Natural Remedies & Herbal Agents
Charcoal and other simple remedies

As well as:

Health Evangelism
Health and the Third Angel’s Message
Christian Standards
Health and Bible Prophecy

Date & Time: Sept. 27-Oct. 3, 2015

MODEL A: 7 days Sunday – Sabbath (daily 9 am- 3p.m. except Sabbath’s graduation).  Meal included Total hours: 36+

MODEL B: 10 days – Evenings 2.5 hrs + 5 hours on Sabbath and Sundays. Total hours: 30-34 hrs

*In signing up, please indicate your timetable preference.



Early bird registration before August 31st 2015: $300.00.
Early bird registration can be paid in installments but must be paid in full by August 31st.

After September 1st 2015 regular tuition: $350.00

*Registration fee includes a binder with course outline, course notes and other resources.

For more information and registration call: OE Health Ministries, Sis Paulette Haughton (613) 590 9830 or email: